How to Book

  1. Review the accommodation/facilities on the Home page  of this website and decide which hall(s) you wish to hire. 
  2. Go to the Bookings Diary page to check availability.   Once you’ve found a slot you need to:-
  3. Contact Mrs. Debbie Raynham by email (rph.bookings or by telephone on 01962 772253. (Note do not at this stage download or fill in any forms – you should only do this once your booking has been provisionally booked – see below).
  4. Be sure to advise:-
    • Your contact details (email and phone number).
    • Which hall(s) you wish to book.
    • The date and time of your booking.
    • Whether you will be having alcohol at the event (even if people bring their own or you give it away).
    • Whether you wish to use the hall committee’s bar licence (only needed if you plan to SELL alcohol).
  5. If all is OK we will pencil you in the bookings diary (make a provisional booking) and give you an unique  ‘Booking Reference’. The provisional booking will also appear on the Bookings Diary page of this website
  6. You then need to go to the Forms and Charges page, download the booking form, complete it and send it to Mrs Raynham (address on the form) or return a scanned copy by email to rph.bookings
  7. Once she receives this she will make the booking firm – by returning part of the form giving you access details for the hall.  She will also update the bookings diary to show the confirmed booking on this website.